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The Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of TCM, i.e. Shandong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is founded in July, 1955. It is one of the earliest domestic established traditional Chinese medicine hospital.Throughout more than half a century of hard work of several generations, Shandong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medical has become the largest modern, integrative third-grade class-A hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shandong Province, which has collects medical treatment, medical education, scientific research, disease prevention, health care and Rehabilitation together.The hospital has been successively confirmed as National Clinical Research Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is focus on the research of hypertension, National New Drug Clinical Experimentation Institution Affiliated to China Food and Drug Administration, National Operational Base Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Examination, TCM Clinical Research Base in Shandong province, Shandong Province Continuing Education Center Of TCM, Shandong Province Medical Insurance Fixed-Point Units, Prevention And Health Care Service Center Of TCM In Shandong Province, First National General Practitioner & Standardized Resident Doctor training Base attached to State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and so on.In December 2008, the hospital was confirmed as the construction unit of national TCM clinical research base by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This base conducts the research of hypertension. This Project holds the most massive investment on traditional Chinese medicine since the foundation of PRC, which has great significance for promoting the development of Chinese medicine. The construction and development of clinical research base lay a solid foundation for the hospital’s ascending to domestic top-ranking hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Since entering the new centurywith the concern and support of all levels of governments, superior leadership, and with the joint efforts of people who concerns the development of TCM in Shandong Provincethe scale has been expanding continually. At present, the hospital occupies an area of 187 mu, with east and west areas. It has a total floorage of 217,000 square meters, total assets of 1.9 billion yuan, including 56.4 million yuan in fixed assets. With 1600 authorized beds and 1675 open beds (1059+616) in the hospital, the annual outpatient quantity exceeds 1910 thousand, and the annual discharged patients exceeds 39.7 thousand. For now, the hospital has 2800 staff members, of which 439 staff are intermediate or advanced level technical personnel, 2 national TCM master, 13 experts who enjoy the special allowance of the state council, 1 Rated the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions endowed by National Ministry of Health, 3 Taishan scholars, 91 Rated the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions endowed by Shandong provincial government, 53  provincial-level renowned veteran & aged doctors and Chinese medicine experts of TCM, 60 doctoral supervisors and 214 master supervisors.

Medical Work

The hospital departments are well-contained, including 30 first-level clinical departments, 23 second-level clinical departments and 8 medical laboratories. Through years’ development, every clinical department has formed its own characteristics and technical advantage. The hospital has 40-plus specialty clinic outpatients and consulting rooms with curative effects, which adopt the treatment thoughts of combining diagnosis and therapy methods of traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine and employing Chinese medicine. Many treatment measures, such as Chinese patent medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, manipulation, operation, intervention, rehabilitation etc., have been achieving good results and been enjoying great reputation among all patients.The hospital insists on putting the inheritance and development of excellent traditional Chinese medicine in the first place, and provides strong guarantee both on policy and measures. 18 inheritance center of national-wide renowned veteran & aged doctors, 1 national-wide TCM academic schools inheritance center have been established successively; Provincial TCM Prevention and Healthcare Center of Shandong Province has been founded as well. By sorting out the ancient documents essence, veteran doctors’ clinical experience and academic ideas, diagnosis & treatment projects with distinctive characters, safe & effective authenticated prescriptions,  as well as the TCM treatment measures and therapeutic schedules on common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and miscellaneous complicated diseases, the hospital has been keeping exploring the research approaches and therapeutic appraisable methods which conform to the holism concept, differential treatment and individualized diagnosis and treatment of TCM. The hospital has researched and improved 132 Chinese medicine medicament that have national registered number of approval, 522 high quality traditional Chinese herbal pieces. More than 100 diagnosis and treatment items have been carried out. A lot of therapeutic methods enjoy great popularity among the broad masses, such as summer cure for winter diseases, application employed in Sanjiu days, Nourishing by herbal extract, herbal fumigating and washing, du-moxibustion therapy method etc. At the same time, the hospital is also taking the advantage of noted, experienced doctors and is launching organized inheritance work of those doctors.  Now 38 greatly noted, aged & experienced Chinese medicine experts have been confirmed as the aimed , special supervisors in Chinese medicine academic experience in nationwide and province-wide; major efforts are being devoted to cultivating 79 scholars in this inheritance work.

Specialty Construction

For years, the hospital sticks to its principle of specialty construction, which means that the hospital must keep its features and emphasis; departments must have their characteristics; every staff must has his own expertise. Guiding by this principle, the hospital has taken its specialty construction into its long-range developmental program and has made more richly-detailed measures, which guarantees the sound development of specialty constructions.By the reinforced construction in national twelfth five-year plan period, every department has formed their own model specialty of traditional Chinese medicine with obvious characteristics, high-level diagnosis and treatment, strong innovation skills, distinguished management and great social influence.At present the hospital has 6 state key clinical departments (geriatrics, vascular surgery, hepatic department,  gynecology,  acupuncture & moxibustion,  clinical pharmacology ), 2 tenth five-year plan key departments (geriatrics, and vascular surgery ), 5 eleventh five-year plan key departments (orthopedics & traumatology, acupuncture & moxibustion, anorectal, hypertensive disease,  emergency ), 6 twelfth five-year plan key departments (hepatic department, gynecology,  pulmonary, otorhinolaryngology, nursing, clinical pharmacology); 1 key disciplinary approved by Ministry of Education (internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine); 11 key disciplinary approved by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of The PRC (cardiology of TCM, encephalopathology of TCM, oncology of TCM,  gynecology of TCM, paediatrics of TCM,  acup mox science of TCM, general practice, hepatology of TCM, nursing of TCM,  Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine, phylaxiology of TCM); 1 first-batch key laboratory of State Administration Of Traditional Chinese Medicine (3rd Grade Laboratory of traditional chinese medicine preparation); 1 first research laboratory of State Administration Of Traditional Chinese Medicine (hypertension research laboratory of Xuemai theory and application ); 10 key TCM departments of Health Commission of Shandong Province (orthopedics and traumatology, Chinese herba preparation & modification base, vascular surgery, anorectal, nephrology, pediatrics, dermatology, ophthalmology, surgery and nosohemia);8 key disciplinary and laboratories of Shandong Provincial Education Department (traditional Chinese internal medicine, surgery of Chinese medicine, gynecology of TCM, pediatrics of TCM, orthopaedics of TCM, acup mox science, agentia laboratory of TCM, angiocardiopathy laboratory of TCM); 5 key disciplinary and laboratories of  Health Commission of Shandong Province (traditional Chinese internal medicine, gynaecology and obstetrics of TCM, hematology-oncology of TCM, angiocardiopathy laboratory of TCM, prevention and treatment laboratory of tumour on combining traditional Chinese and western medicine).

Teaching and Research

As the first affiliated clinical medical hospital of Shandong University of TCM, the hospital takes the responsibilities of clinical teaching and supervision for junior college students, undergraduates and postgraduates. The hospital has 9 clinical teaching and research offices, which accept more than 800 training personnel both from home and abroad. The hospital and the university have 7 doctor stations; master degree stations covers every clinical departments. At the same time, the hospital occupies 1 national-level top-quality courses, 3 provincial-level top-quality courses, 3 university-level excellent courses, 2 university-level key constructive disciplines.With the promotion of two Science and technology conferences, the hospital’s research strength has been strengthening steadily for years. In the twelfth five-year period, the hospital has undertaken 383 scientific research projects, with 38,855 thousand Yuan subsidies granted. Within these projects and subsidies, the hospital has assumed 38 national projects, 1 planned research subject supported by national science and technology, 35 National Natural Science Foundation programs and 1 special research project on national Chinese medicine. The researches are fruitful. The hospital has received 130 science and technology awards; 30 provincial-level awards or above, which achieves zero breakthrough of the hospital’s first-class award of provincial level scientific and technological progress awards. 5 second-class provincial level scientific and technological progress awards, 1 second-class Science and Technology Award of China Chinese Medicine Institute, 1 third-class Science and Technology Award of China Chinese Medicine Institute, 100  Bureau level rewards and 139 project measurements were done perfectly. The growth rate of the researches has been about 2%. 4 authorized domestic invention patent, 7 utility patent, the growth rate has been kept at 8%. 108 academic monographs and 1119 scientific papers haven issued, including 19 SCI papers and EI papers; grand total of IF (Impact Factor) has been up to 37.342; 148 Chinese core papers and 692 sci-tech core journal papers has been published as well.

International Communication and Cooperation

The hospital conducts active international communication and cooperation. Over one hundred visitors from more than ten countries come to the hospital for study and cooperation annually; over 200 international undergraduate students and postgraduate students are studying in the hospital yearly. The hospital formed close cooperative relationships with the International Emergency Medical Committee (TEMC), Yuri Medical Foundation (Andong, Korea)Schwabing Hospital of State of Bavaria (Germany)Kyung Hee University Korean Medicine Hospital (Korea) successively, and established Sino-Korea Oriental Medicine Research Centre with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). The hospital signed memorandum of understanding as well with Hong Kong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, The World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies of Australia, Chinesische Naturheikunde Akademie E. V Germany, E W Medicine Poland and Pacific National University (Russia).

Culture Construction

Since the day it was founded, Shandong Provincial Hospital of TCM has obtaining giant achievements in culture construction. With the dedication spirit of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying, the fighting spirit of striving for excellence, the professional ethics of fulfilling duties and the scientific spirit of being truthful and practical as its value orientation, the hospital refined its ideas of core values, whose typical representatives are the hospital motto, hospital logo and hospital songs. This becomes the hospital’s most precious spiritual wealth and spiritual forces which it lives by and develops with. All the spirits and ideas are the hospital’s tremendous momentum. In accordance with the core value and ideas of traditional Chinese medicine, i.e. the principle of benevolence, harmony, meticulousness and earnestness, Shandong Provincial Hospital of TCM puts its culture construction on the level of “unity & preciseness, inheritance & innovation, conscientiousness & agreeableness, virtuousness & humanity”; the hospital motto is that “being conscientious & agreeable, virtuous & humanistic”; being consisted of Yin-Yang Diagram and modern medical science rules, the hospital logo is a special and typical pattern for TCM; the hospital song is The Sunshine of Life Warms Us. Taking the official website and the official newspaper as broadcasting medium, the hospital disseminates the knowledge and culture of TCM and makes the public comprehend more about Chinese medicine.


The Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of TCM, i.e. Shandong Provincial Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital has been sticking to the tenet of Patient-Oriented, Quantity-Focused. In order to intensify the management of hospital and enhance the construction of “famous hospital, famous discipline and famous doctor” strategy, the hospital will keep on taking full advantages of TCM and strive inheriting as well as promoting Chinese medicine on the reference of modern medicine.With clear aims, steady confidence, innovation abilities and practical measures, Shandong Provincial Hospital of TCM will strive for the first-class comprehensive hospital in traditional Chinese medicine area that has the characteristic of Strong TCM atmosphere, distinctive specialty, perfect supporting abilities and abundant cultural connotation. In this way, the hospital will make further contribution to propagating the quintessence of Chinese culture and to serving in public health!